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Tourville, Prosper (1820-1867) - Acte de tutelle - Tutorship Act

Acte de tutelle (in French)

Julie Belisle has requested the tutorship of her children, born from her marriage with Prosper Tourville, and still under age, i.e. Napoléon, 17, Julie, 18, Joseph, 15, Magloire, 14, Marie Louise, 8 et David, 5. She went to the Superior Court and with members of the family and friends, has presented her request.

Were present, Augustin Belisle, Public Weighter, maternal uncle, Joseph Tourville, Shoemaker, paternal uncle, Leon Pelletier, Painter, maternal uncle by alliance, Auguste Dhaussy, Tanner, Maxime Bastien, Shoemaker, George W. Dawson, Clerk, Paschal Remi Chagnon, Esquire and Notary, all parents of Julie Belisle, except the last four who are friends of the Minor Children. All have recommended that Julie Belisle be named Tutor and Joseph Tourville, Sub-Tutor.

The request has been accepted on June 24, 1873 and Julie Belisle and Joseph Tourville have voluntarly accepted the role of Tutor and Sub-Tutor and have promised to accomplish their duty.

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