François Gauthier


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Anonyme Lequin
Mathilda LaQuire
Female 1847-Aft 1886
Louis Tourville
Male 1844-1912
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Mary LaQuire
Female 1852-1920
Isaac Marsette
Male 1849-1922
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Michel Lequin
Male 1817-1855
Peter Parish
Male 1834-1884
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Emma Ariel
Female Abt 1850-
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Frank LaQuire
Male 1849-1931
Mary Marsette
Female Abt 1855-1919
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Mary Lequin
Female Abt 1854-
Marie Germain
Female Aft 1822-
John LaQuire
Male 1821-1867
Joseph Marsette
Male Abt 1850-1919
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Israel Michel Germain
Male Abt 1853-Bef 1910
Lucie Duperon Grave
Female Abt 1857-1938
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Joseph Germain
Male 1857-1857
Treffle Germain
Male 1859-1879
Celina Germain
Female 1861-Bef 1870
Mary Ann Bernard
Female 1862-1935
Adelaide Fortier
Female 1864-1925
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Maria Germain
Female 1866-1929
Josie German
Female Abt 1867-
John Germain
Male 1868-1936
Julia Laflamme
Female 1876-1942
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Ella M Lacoy
Female 1887-1933
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Jacob Germain
Male 1825-1903
Eliza Duclos
Female 1828-1914
John Bernard
Male 1852-1936
Ann Wonder
Female -1934
Odile Bernard
Female 1853-1890
Ida Bernard
Female Abt 1860-
Mary Ann Bernard
Female 1862-1935
Minnie Bernard
Female Abt 1866-1936
Charles Bernor
Male 1866-1918
Harry Bernard
Male Abt 1873-
Nellie Bernard
Female 1875-1925
Joseph Bernard
Male 1828-Bef 1919
Joseph S Germain
Male 1858-1888
Laura Germain
Female Abt 1861-1930
Louis Germain
Male 1862-1922
Abbie Germain
Female 1867-1941
Philip Germain
Male 1868-1876
Delia Germain
Female 1874-1956
Felix Cole
Male 1867-
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Delfrina Germain
Female 1883-1958
Joseph Germain
Male 1835-1915
Nettie Tourville
Female 1837-1907
Peter Parish
Male 1834-1884
Marguerite Sorel
Female 1798-1873
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