Marguerite Sansoucy


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Sarah Tourville
Female 1857-1930
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Ignace Barrette
Male Abt 1856-1888
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Onésime Raymond
Male Abt 1854-
Jane Tourville
Female 1861-Abt 1938
Horace Sears
Male 1860-1919
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Nancy Tourville
Female 1865-1944
Isidore Lastraw
Male 1859-1941
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Rosalie Peets
Female 1869-1899
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Henry Tourville
Male 1875-1931
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Marie Ploude
Female Abt 1866-
Rosanna Ploude
Female 1869-1883
Raymond Ploude
Male Abt 1833-1891
Joseph Larrow
Male Abt 1807-1872
Carrie Domino
Female 1860-1931
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Celia Domino
Female 1862-1902
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Sherman Yattaw
Male 1865-1923
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Elizabeth Domino
Female Abt 1873-1896
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Lewis Domino
Male 1879-1893
Ruth May Domino
Female Abt 1880-1904
Sherman Yattaw
Male Abt 1890-1943
Sophia Danyow
Female 1840-1922
Peter Domino
Male Abt 1826-1908
Louis Daignault
Male Abt 1847-1848
Louis Daignault
Male 1811-1896
Felicia Larocque
Female Abt 1804-1892
Sophie Daignault
Female Abt 1812-
Esther Daignault
Female 1840-1841
Hattie Daignault
Female 1867-1949
New chart
Henry Daignault
Male 1880-1953
Oliver Daignault
Male 1844-1930
Mary Myers
Female 1847-1933
Frank Larrow
Male Abt 1871-
John Larrow
Male Abt 1878-
Delphine Danyow
Female 1847-1927
Frank T Larrow
Male Abt 1844-1913
Charles E Brooks
Male Abt 1876-
Dan Danyew
Male 1881-1881
New chart
Jenny Wakefield
Female 1863-1910
Charles E Brooks
Male Abt 1876-
New chart
Dorothy Danyew
Female Abt 1905-
Hartwell Danyow
Male 1855-1931
Melvina Stebbins
Female 1856-1904
Rhoda Danyow
Female 1857-1954
Oliver Hanks
Male 1856-1932
Celia M Danyow
Female 1861-1907
Louis L Lawrence
Male 1847-1914
Lorena Patterson
Female 1861-1950
George Chappee
Male 1856-1945
Olivier Daignault
Male Abt 1817-1900
Esther Ains
Female Abt 1823-1902
Julia Dubuke
Female 1863-1924
Albert Larrow
Male 1859-1926
Maria Dubuke
Male Abt 1867-
Joseph Dubuke
Male Abt 1869-
Matilda Danyow
Female 1844-1922
Joseph Dubuke
Male 1834-1916
Joseph Danyow
Male 1851-1915
Emma Danyow
Female Abt 1853-
Rose Danyow
Female 1854-1936
Walter Sorrell
Male 1881-1902
Talry Danyow
Female 1857-1927
Adolphus Sorrell
Male 1852-1916
Sarah Danyow
Female Abt 1859-
Julia Menard
Female Abt 1827-