Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA


Tree: Hubou-Tourville

Latitude: 41.8781136, Longitude: -87.6297982


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bourque, Ethel  Abt 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4557 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Bourque, Richard  Jun 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4556 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Bulla  7 May 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4925 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Cook, George Harry  23 Nov 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2070 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Cook, Louisa  11 Jan 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2281 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Cook, Mary Lilly  26 Jan 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2420 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Cook, William Joseph  2 Sep 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1438 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Engemann, Jane Viola  23 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2137 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Engemann, Jeannette Marie  6 Dec 1912Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2297 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Giroux, Pearl G  Apr 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I843 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Giroux, William J  Apr 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1665 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Kleinert, Julia Marie  7 Jun 1908Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7032 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Lambert, Albert Roy  6 Jan 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I63 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Lambert, Arthur Adolphe  28 Jan 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2374 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Lambert, Irene  Aug 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I662 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Lambert, Isabelle  16 Jul 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2175 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Lambert, Laura  Jul 1892Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3353 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Lambert, Lester Clifford Henry  5 Sep 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I588 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Lambert, Louis  25 Aug 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1430 Hubou-Tourville 
20 Lamoureux, Emma  16 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I935 Hubou-Tourville 
21 Lamoureux, Julia  20 Mar 1870Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2209 Hubou-Tourville 
22 Lamoureux, Louis  3 Feb 1868Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I578 Hubou-Tourville 
23 Lamoureux, Roman  26 Mar 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2061 Hubou-Tourville 
24 Lamoureux, Walter  5 May 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1532 Hubou-Tourville 
25 Pouliot, Anonymous  23 May 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5425 Hubou-Tourville 
26 Pouliot, Charles  May 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5420 Hubou-Tourville 
27 Pouliot, Corinne  Dec 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5422 Hubou-Tourville 
28 Pouliot, Dora  Jul 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5421 Hubou-Tourville 
29 Pouliot, Joseph  Sep 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5423 Hubou-Tourville 
30 Pouliot, Paul  Aug 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5424 Hubou-Tourville 
31 Pouliot, Rose  Abt 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5426 Hubou-Tourville 
32 Pouliot, Wilfred  Jan 1892Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5418 Hubou-Tourville 
33 Tourville, Adolph  18 Nov 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2472 Hubou-Tourville 
34 Tourville, Alan E  5 Aug 1936Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7028 Hubou-Tourville 
35 Tourville, Albertine  14 Jan 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I6022 Hubou-Tourville 
36 Tourville, Alice S  30 Mar 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1304 Hubou-Tourville 
37 Tourville, Amanda  24 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3824 Hubou-Tourville 
38 Tourville, Blanche Éva  Feb 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I6024 Hubou-Tourville 
39 Tourville, Cordelia  8 Apr 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3008 Hubou-Tourville 
40 Tourville, Edward  6 Nov 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I759 Hubou-Tourville 
41 Tourville, Hilda  Jun 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1298 Hubou-Tourville 
42 Tourville, John F  28 Mar 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3306 Hubou-Tourville 
43 Tourville, Joseph Mederic  27 Apr 1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I470 Hubou-Tourville 
44 Tourville, Joseph-Alfred  Oct 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2700 Hubou-Tourville 
45 Tourville, Louise  30 Nov 1884Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3476 Hubou-Tourville 
46 Tourville, Raymond  26 Nov 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I356 Hubou-Tourville 
47 Tourville, Rose Marie  21 Sep 1882Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I603 Hubou-Tourville 
48 Tourville, Valerie Rose  6 Apr 1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7041 Hubou-Tourville 
49 Tourville, Walter E  16 Apr 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2356 Hubou-Tourville 
50 Zace, Arthur  20 Jun 1894Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4983 Hubou-Tourville 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beauchamp, Arthur  Feb 1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I37 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Belanger, Peter  1 Sep 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2206 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Belec, Suzanne  25 Aug 1908Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2945 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Bengle, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2850 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Bengle, Rachel  15 Sep 1872Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2330 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Bourgeois, Gaston Charles  5 Oct 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2146 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Bourque, Napoleon  2 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4503 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Chaussé, Zotique  25 Jun 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1611 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Cook, Louisa  1 Feb 1972Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2281 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Crawley, Joseph Wilfrid  13 Dec 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4877 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Engemann, Charles Joseph  29 Nov 1952Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I57 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Engemann, Clemence Augustus  1 Dec 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I103 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Engemann, Johannes Heinrich  10 Sep 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I501 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Engemann, Joseph Anthony  4 Jul 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3301 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Engemann, Leo Paul  10 Jul 1957Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1767 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Engemann, Lorainne R  1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3090 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Fehring, Theresia  24 Feb 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1136 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Fournier, Edward William  10 Sep 1931Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4500 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Fournier, Hannah Fedelia  25 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3921 Hubou-Tourville 
20 Fournier, Mary  12 Feb 1946Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3923 Hubou-Tourville 
21 Giroux, Joseph Asa  23 Jun 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I404 Hubou-Tourville 
22 Lamoureux, Charles Adolph  15 Feb 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3461 Hubou-Tourville 
23 Lamoureux, Marie-Louise  1936Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1659 Hubou-Tourville 
24 Lamoureux, Walter  Sep 1971Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1532 Hubou-Tourville 
25 Miller, Susanna  20 Feb 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2982 Hubou-Tourville 
26 O'Brien, Mary  Sep 1952Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2926 Hubou-Tourville 
27 Pouliot, Charles  13 May 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1433 Hubou-Tourville 
28 Pouliot, Jean-Baptiste  24 Feb 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5431 Hubou-Tourville 
29 Spenor, Amelia  19 Jan 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3220 Hubou-Tourville 
30 Tourville, Adolph  24 Dec 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2472 Hubou-Tourville 
31 Tourville, Amanda  25 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3824 Hubou-Tourville 
32 Tourville, Edward  Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I759 Hubou-Tourville 
33 Tourville, Eugene  28 Sep 2003Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I66 Hubou-Tourville 
34 Tourville, Exilda  Sep 1954Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2937 Hubou-Tourville 
35 Tourville, Hilda  28 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1298 Hubou-Tourville 
36 Tourville, Josephine  21 Sep 1950Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I693 Hubou-Tourville 
37 Tourville, Louis  12 May 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2084 Hubou-Tourville 
38 Tourville, Louis  12 Mar 1926Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2650 Hubou-Tourville 
39 Tourville, Louise  7 Nov 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2389 Hubou-Tourville 
40 Tourville, Valerie Zoe  6 Dec 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I38 Hubou-Tourville 
41 Tourville, Victor  10 Jun 1942Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I663 Hubou-Tourville 
42 Turnock, Mathilda E  21 Nov 1958Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4045 Hubou-Tourville 
43 Zace, Andrew  10 Jul 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2673 Hubou-Tourville 
44 Zace, Fidelia  1 Nov 1932Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4855 Hubou-Tourville 
45 Zace, Ida  10 Feb 1946Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4857 Hubou-Tourville 
46 Zace, Mary  27 Nov 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I726 Hubou-Tourville 
47 Zace, Philip Andrew  19 Oct 1934Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4903 Hubou-Tourville 
48 Zace, Rosa  30 Aug 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1755 Hubou-Tourville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belanger, Peter  4 Sep 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2206 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Chaussé, Zotique  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1611 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Crawley, Charles Joseph  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4879 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Fournier, Hannah Fedelia  28 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3921 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Zace, Andrew  12 Jul 1928Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2673 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Zace, Fred  1 Sep 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2643 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Zace, Mary  1 Dec 1913Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I726 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Zace, Rosa  4 Sep 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1755 Hubou-Tourville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lambert, Albert Roy  14 Jan 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I63 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Lambert, Arthur Adolphe  30 Jan 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2374 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Lambert, Isabelle  1 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2175 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Lambert, Lester Clifford Henry  16 Sep 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I588 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Tourville, Alice S  12 Apr 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1304 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Tourville, Walter E  29 Apr 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2356 Hubou-Tourville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elsie  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2821 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Ayers, Alice  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7025 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Bourque, Ethel  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4557 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Bourque, Napoleon  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4503 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Bourque, Olive  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4558 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Bourque, Olive  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4558 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Bourque, Olive  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4558 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Bourque, Olive  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4558 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Bourque, Richard  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4556 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Bourque, Richard  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4556 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Brandimore, George  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4501 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Brandimore, George  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4501 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Brandimore, George  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4501 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Brandimore, Leonard  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4502 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Brandimore, Leonard  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4502 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Brosseau, Marie  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1382 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Christian, Francis  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4561 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Fournier, Edward William  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4500 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Fournier, Edward William  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4500 Hubou-Tourville 
20 Fournier, Frank J  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3922 Hubou-Tourville 
21 Fournier, Hannah Fedelia  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3921 Hubou-Tourville 
22 Fournier, Hannah Fedelia  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3921 Hubou-Tourville 
23 Fournier, Mary  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3923 Hubou-Tourville 
24 Fournier, Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3923 Hubou-Tourville 
25 Fournier, Mary  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3923 Hubou-Tourville 
26 Gaspers, Margaret  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4906 Hubou-Tourville 
27 Labelle, Azilda  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3211 Hubou-Tourville 
28 Nelson, Della M  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5101 Hubou-Tourville 
29 Nelson, Ludwig T  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4989 Hubou-Tourville 
30 Nelson, Raynor  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5100 Hubou-Tourville 
31 Nelson, Wilbur  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I5102 Hubou-Tourville 
32 Philippi, Frank M  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4988 Hubou-Tourville 
33 Spenor, Amelia  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3220 Hubou-Tourville 
34 Spenor, Amelia  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3220 Hubou-Tourville 
35 Tourville, Alan E  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7028 Hubou-Tourville 
36 Tourville, Albertine  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I6022 Hubou-Tourville 
37 Tourville, Barbara  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7029 Hubou-Tourville 
38 Tourville, Blanche Éva  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I6024 Hubou-Tourville 
39 Tourville, Edward Charles  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1900 Hubou-Tourville 
40 Tourville, George B “Red”  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I7026 Hubou-Tourville 
41 Tourville, George O  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2353 Hubou-Tourville 
42 Tourville, George O  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2353 Hubou-Tourville 
43 Tourville, Joseph-Alfred  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2700 Hubou-Tourville 
44 Tourville, Moïse  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3022 Hubou-Tourville 
45 Turnock, Mathilda E  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4045 Hubou-Tourville 
46 Zace, Andrew  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2673 Hubou-Tourville 
47 Zace, Andrew  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2673 Hubou-Tourville 
48 Zace, Anna Mae  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4981 Hubou-Tourville 
49 Zace, Anna Mae  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4981 Hubou-Tourville 
50 Zace, Arthur  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I4983 Hubou-Tourville 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beauchamp, Arthur  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I37 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Beauchamp, Arthur  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I37 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Beauchamp, Arthur  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I37 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Beauchamp, Exilda  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1623 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Beauchamp, Exilda  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1623 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Beauchamp, Louise  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1517 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Beauchamp, Louise  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1517 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Beauchamp, Rose  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3379 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Beauchamp, Rose  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3379 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Beauchamp, Wilfred A  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I326 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Beauchamp, Wilfred A  1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I326 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Beauchamp, Wilfred A  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I326 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Beauchamp, Wilfrid  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I338 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Beauchamp, Wilfrid  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I338 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Belec, Suzanne  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2945 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Belec, Vitaline  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I949 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Bourgeois, Gaston Charles  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2146 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Bulla, Fred  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3268 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Cook, Ellen V  1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I59 Hubou-Tourville 
20 Cook, George Harry  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2070 Hubou-Tourville 
21 Cook, George Harry  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2070 Hubou-Tourville 
22 Cook, Gustave  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I450 Hubou-Tourville 
23 Cook, Gustave  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2091 Hubou-Tourville 
24 Cook, Gustave  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2091 Hubou-Tourville 
25 Cook, Gustave  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I450 Hubou-Tourville 
26 Cook, Gustave  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2091 Hubou-Tourville 
27 Cook, Gustave  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I450 Hubou-Tourville 
28 Cook, Louisa  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2281 Hubou-Tourville 
29 Cook, William Joseph  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1438 Hubou-Tourville 
30 Cook, William Joseph  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1438 Hubou-Tourville 
31 Daniels, Edwin Dwight  1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I915 Hubou-Tourville 
32 Engemann, Joseph Anthony  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3301 Hubou-Tourville 
33 Engemann, Leo Paul  1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1767 Hubou-Tourville 
34 Engemann, Leo Paul  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I1767 Hubou-Tourville 
35 Hoberg, Ralph  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3245 Hubou-Tourville 
36 Keogh, Mary  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2877 Hubou-Tourville 
37 Keogh, Mary  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2877 Hubou-Tourville 
38 Keogh, Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2877 Hubou-Tourville 
39 Keogh, Mary  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2877 Hubou-Tourville 
40 Lambert, Albert Roy  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I63 Hubou-Tourville 
41 Lambert, Albert Roy  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I63 Hubou-Tourville 
42 Lambert, Arthur Adolphe  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2374 Hubou-Tourville 
43 Lambert, Arthur Adolphe  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2374 Hubou-Tourville 
44 Lambert, Irene  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I662 Hubou-Tourville 
45 Lambert, Irene  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I662 Hubou-Tourville 
46 Lambert, Isabelle  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I2175 Hubou-Tourville 
47 Lambert, Laura  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3353 Hubou-Tourville 
48 Lambert, Laura  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3353 Hubou-Tourville 
49 Lambert, Laura  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I3353 Hubou-Tourville 
50 Lambert, Lester Clifford Henry  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA I588 Hubou-Tourville 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Belanger / Tourville  27 Nov 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F44 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Chaussé / Tourville  25 Nov 1882Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F45 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Engemann / Cook  27 Jun 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F1090 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Faulkner / Tourville  Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F48 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Gilhooley / Pouliot  16 Sep 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3820 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Lambert / Tourville  23 Oct 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F47 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Lamoureux / Schmitt  20 Apr 1884Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F1093 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Nacker / Lambert  16 Jul 1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F50 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Nelson / Zace  11 May 1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3522 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Petereit / Pouliot  26 Jan 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3819 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Philippi / Zace  18 Apr 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3520 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Pouliot / Tourville  18 Aug 1888Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F424 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Tourville / Adams  13 Sep 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F42 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Tourville / Labelle  23 Dec 1884Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F153 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Tourville / O'Brien  8 Oct 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F335 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Turnock / Tourville  19 May 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F481 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Zace / Gaspers  5 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3466 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Zace / Lebeau  28 May 1892Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F3467 Hubou-Tourville 

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID   Tree 
1 Belanger / Tourville  27 Nov 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F44 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Chaussé / Tourville  13 Nov 1882Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F45 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Cook / Lamoureux  10 Dec 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F1089 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Lambert / Tourville  17 Oct 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA F47 Hubou-Tourville