Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA


Tree: Hubou-Tourville

Latitude: 39.0498025, Longitude: -90.3183792


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burley, Mary V  30 Oct 1852Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4780 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Burley, Orren T  Aug 1858Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4782 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Palmer, Harry  Abt 1873Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4790 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Palmer, Herschel  Oct 1877Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4791 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Burley, Ethel M  Abt 1879Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4803 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Palmer, Ivy  Apr 1885Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4793 Hubou-Tourville 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burley, Daniel  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I997 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Burley, John C  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4781 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Burley, Mary V  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4780 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Burley, Orren T  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4782 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Stringham, Louisa  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I1936 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Tourville, Charles W  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I2240 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Tourville, Clara Fannie  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I1613 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Tourville, Ellen  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I1990 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Tourville, Peter Frederick  1860Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I2176 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Burley, Anna A  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4778 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Burley, Carrie Regena  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4783 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Burley, Daniel  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I997 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Burley, Effie  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4785 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Burley, Ethel M  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4803 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Burley, John C  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4781 Hubou-Tourville 
16 Burley, Mary V  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4780 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Burley, Nettie R  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4784 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Burley, Orren T  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4782 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Palmer, Albert T  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4789 Hubou-Tourville 
20 Palmer, Harry  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4790 Hubou-Tourville 
21 Palmer, Herschel  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4791 Hubou-Tourville 
22 Palmer, John Tourville  1880Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I4792 Hubou-Tourville 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stringham, Louisa  Jun 1863Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I1936 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Tourville, Anna Eliza  Jun 1863Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I3809 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Tourville, Charles W  Jun 1863Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I2240 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Tourville, Clara Fannie  Jun 1863Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I1613 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Tourville, Peter Frederick  Jun 1863Mississippi, Jersey, Illinois, USA I2176 Hubou-Tourville