Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cognac Coignat Léveillé, Pierre  20 Mar 1789Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9529 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Dubeau, Joseph Israël  3 Jul 1829Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10108 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Dubeau, Joseph Jeremie  6 May 1833Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10109 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Garau St-Onge, Casimire  12 Sep 1812Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9442 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Rielle, Marie  25 Apr 1846Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I6312 Hubou-Tourville 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cognac, Antoine  28 Sep 1825Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9697 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Daignault, Louis  15 Feb 1811Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I491 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Denicourt, Marie  27 Jul 1798Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9618 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Dubeau, Joseph  7 Aug 1823Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10107 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Dubeau, Joseph Israël  25 May 1829Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10108 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Dubeau, Joseph Jeremie  27 Mar 1832Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10109 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Garau St-Onge, Casimire  3 Mar 1812Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9442 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Garau St-Onge, Joseph  4 Oct 1810Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9441 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Garau St-Onge, Marie-Louise  17 May 1809Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9440 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Garaut, Jean-Baptiste  3 Oct 1813Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9443 Hubou-Tourville 
11 Garaut, Jean-Baptiste  31 Jul 1825Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9448 Hubou-Tourville 
12 Garaut, Marcel  3 Apr 1815Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9444 Hubou-Tourville 
13 Garaut, Marie-Adélaïde  26 Oct 1823Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9447 Hubou-Tourville 
14 Garrow, Joseph  5 Jan 1822Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9396 Hubou-Tourville 
15 Labou, Mary  2 Apr 1827Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10072 Hubou-Tourville 
16 LaBou, Prosper  6 Jul 1840Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I10112 Hubou-Tourville 
17 Sorel, Alexis  8 Jun 1827Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I6587 Hubou-Tourville 
18 Sorell, Mary  4 Sep 1847Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I9524 Hubou-Tourville 
19 Sorell, Xavier Oliver  5 Dec 1824Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada I6309 Hubou-Tourville 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cognac / Dubuc  12 Apr 1825Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F4347 Hubou-Tourville 
2 Cognac / Dubuc  3 Feb 1845Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6426 Hubou-Tourville 
3 Cognac Coignat Léveillé / Lefort Laforest  21 Feb 1757Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6428 Hubou-Tourville 
4 Cognac Léveillé / Denicourt  22 Sep 1789Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6427 Hubou-Tourville 
5 Denicourt / Gaudon  12 Sep 1796Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6503 Hubou-Tourville 
6 Dubeau / Chauvin  14 Jan 1823Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6817 Hubou-Tourville 
7 Garaut / Ménard  15 Aug 1808Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F6350 Hubou-Tourville 
8 Gaumont / Sorel  24 Jan 1837Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F4513 Hubou-Tourville 
9 Lareau / Bombardier  13 Jan 1800Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F4548 Hubou-Tourville 
10 Sorell / Cognac  6 Feb 1844Chambly (St-Joseph), Chambly, Québec, Canada F4345 Hubou-Tourville